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The Index head is a specialized tool that allows a work-piece to be swung easily and precisely to preset angles and depths.  The tool is designed to swing on the "Y" Axis and allows positive locking at fine gradations.  Adjustable designs allows the head to be set to grind specific and repeatable angles of cutting tools.  The work-pieces are held in the index head using several tool holders.






When reading the *Quadrant Ring Scales I will always refer to the degrees as + (plus), to the right of zero or - (minus), to the left of zero. This is important for later when I make setup charts to grind tools. These charts will make grinding and touch-ups fast and will allow us to communicate set-up configurations.


Tool Holders:


There are three Tools Holders:

1.      R8 Dividing Head (includes Twist Drill Sharpener)

2.      Lathe Tool Holder

3.      End Mill Sharpener



1. R-8 Dividing Head





  • Hold a round object up to 1” in diameter and 4 3/4” in length (length may vary depending on the piece).
  • Object to be ground may be tilted in proximity to the grinding wheel most any direction and rotated 360°.
  • Holder can be locked to not rotate, set to rotate 180° or unlocked with no rotational restriction
  • Along with the 360 ° zero set dial, the holder can be locked in 15 ° increments
  • Sharpen tips of End Mill Cutters
  • Using a ½” collet, holds the drill sharpening fixture.


2. Rectangular Tool Holder:


  • This tool can hold rectangular shaped tools for shaping and sharpening.
  • Object to be ground may be tilted in proximity to the grinding wheel most any direction making it easy to precision grind many tools.
  • Radius’ may be ground on tools.


3. End Mill Sharpener


  • Re-sharpen end mill flutes.
  • Re-sharpen reamers.




Normal 0 * A quadrant or quadrant ring is an instrument that is used to measure angles up to 90°.


Terminology of parts Disclaimer:

Several names of the parts have been taken from the Deckel Catalog; to insure you the reader, will always know what part I am referring to. I have applied the identification of parts from other machines, catalogs and some I created for a clear description of the parts function, (eg. Top Slide Tool Holder).