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Part 11- rectangular Tool Holder


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  • The Rectangular 7/8” X 7/8” opening of the Tool holder will hold just about anything you can put into it. (Could easily be opened up to 1” X 1”, maybe more)
  • Length of the part to be ground is not limited because the opening goes the length of the tool.
  • The front stick-out and grinding area is limited to the swing of the Index Head.
  • Movements are limited to the Top Slide (in and out or X & Y) and the Swing of the Index Head.
  • Grind complex and repeatable angles on cutting tools. More on this topic is later articles.





  Special Tool Holders



Grind Precision radius's




Rectangular Tool Holder:

Let me begin with this tool will work with no modifications.

I think that checking and repairing the Dovetail (see Part 10) is important however,

it will work “as is”.


The changes I made over time are improvements I made to make the tool better

for my use and suggestions for my readers. Many experimental changes I made

are not included primarly because they did not work or did not help improve the tool.




Terminology of parts Disclaimer:

Several names of the parts have been taken from the Deckel Catalog; to insure you the reader, will always know what part I am referring to. I have applied the identification of parts from other machines, catalogs and some I created for a clear description of the parts function, (eg. Top Slide Tool Holder).