James Long-This is a short article that I published in

Machinist Workshop June 2014, page 31



Swapping out the three jaw chuck jaws to use the inside/outside jaws can be a irritating but necessary job.  I have found a way to change them quickly and insure that they are aligned in a few simple steps.





Make a chuck key that will run in your cordless drill.  This also useful to clean out swarf with a brush by rotating the scroll.












2.         Place the jaws in the chuck in their proper slot and hold them in place with a rubber band.


3.         Run the drill chuck key in reverse.  If the jaws begin to travel inwards, reverse the drill and run them until they pop outward as the start of the scroll thread passes over each jaw.  Rotate the scroll a couple of turns to make sure that all the jaws are sliding freely.



4.         When Jaw #1 drops into the scroll thread, reverse the drill and run the jaws all the way in.


5.         If the jaws are in correctly they will come together perfectly in the center.



This method works equally on inside and outside jaws.