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The greatest problem on a steam powered pencil sharpener is automatic activation of the boiler feed pump for more water. Also the water hast to be preheated so when you put in more water into the boiler it does not coll the hot water in the boiler to much. The perfect way is to have a constant flow of preheated water that would feed the boiler so the water stayed at a constant level.Remember the pencil sharpener is only mechanical and not electro mechanical .
I think that having a variable valve on the site level glass would be the way to do it. It would consist of different size holes it the sight level glass
that could give you different flow rates of boiler steam into the boiler feed pump. the problem remains that the steam pressure shoving the float against the holes will stop the float from going up or down thus controlling the feed steam going to the boiler feed pump.
the question is how do you allow the float to go up or down in the site glass with the holes having no preasure behind the float . It will just be held there and won't be able to go up or down?
Don Huseman
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